SOCAR's e-Clinical solution

e-PRO - electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes

    More and more today patient self-reported data have a key role in efficacy and quality of life assessment, safety and symptom information in addition to medical compliance monitoring in clinical research studies.

The e-PRO functionality enables patients to login to the web-based patient portal to complete their questionnaires or e-diaries. Patients do not have to worry about installing any hardware or software – access to this functionality can be simply done using the internet browser on a PC or iPad. Compared to questionnaires or diaries completed on paper, this solution offers sponsors higher quality data in so far, there is a complete tracking (time stamps and audit trail) of when the patient completed the required information. Variability between patients can then be more easily monitored and tracked, thus enabling more, robust scientific conclusions.

Key features and benefits of the e-PRO are:

Secure and user restricted access and 100% compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements for personal health information protection
Straightforward and easy to use from a PC or iPad
Minimal patient training required
Multi-language platform which remembers the patient's language selection
Direct access to the questionnaire / e-diary requiring completion
Online instructions for each item and page


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