SOCAR's e-Clinical solution

e-ENDPTM - electronic Endpoint Management

    The e-ENDPTM feature allows for the efficient collection of data required for endpoint adjudication in addition to the online adjudication by the Clinical Endpoint Committee (CEC). Requests for additional information can be generated and posted for investigators within the e-SOCDAT™ system.

This innovative functionality increases speed and efficiency while substantially reducing the costs related to the collection, dissemination of data and adjudication of study endpoints.

Key features and benefits of e-ENDPTM are:

Easily configurable to meet the requirements of the protocol
Web-based requests to investigators to provide specific, additional clinical information
Substantially reduces costs related to the printing and dissemination of data
Remote web-based adjudication of endpoints by CEC members
Reduces the time required to adjudicate endpoints
Frequency of face-to-face meetings greatly reduced
Allows for an ongoing adjudication of endpoints


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