SOCAR's e-Clinical solution

e-SOCDAT™ from the sponsor's perspective


Fully validated, regulatory compliant and independently audited.

Time efficient

Reduces time from study design to study reporting by optimising all project and data management steps. The e-TMF enables a paperless management and tracking of the trial master file.

Cost conscious

Reduces (a) the need for face-to-face meetings, (b) manpower, (c) time and (d) paper generation and distribution.

All inclusive

Uniting of clinical and operational metadata within one central platform, facilitating communication and decision making processes.

Panoramic study view

Continuous complete overview of clinical and operational metadata and metrics thanks to customisable listings and real time status reports.


Reporting timelines guaranteed in addition to timely creation of safety reports (e.g. CIOMS, E2B, SAE narratives) and secured web access for study treatment code break.

Data transfer

Flexible and compliant to any standard data format (e.g. CDISC, ODM).

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