SOCAR's e-Clinical solution

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an outstanding full-service clinical research organisation dedicated to good science, client satisfaction and industry-best solutions and innovation.

Our Mission

Everyday we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering the services we offer on a timely basis with scientific integrity, efficiency, and exceptional delivery and execution. We do this ultimately for the patients worldwide who benefit from our efforts to advance drug and medical device development.

Core Values

The Core Values we embrace at SOCAR are inspired by our years of experience working with our clients, employees, and partners as well as members of the clinical academic and scientific communities. These values guide every aspect of our activities and underlie our success, our quality and our ability to thrive and prosper. We value:
We strive to deliver the most knowledgeable, timely, complete and responsive service possible.
We aim to attract and retain talented and well-educated employees who serve our clients best interests working individually and as a team. We foster a collaborative and supportive work environment.
We place the utmost value on good science. The clinical research needs of our clients can only be met if we strictly follow sound scientific principles and maintain the highest level of scientific integrity.
We continuously strive to innovate our delivery of services and the functionality of our e-Clinical solution platform, e-SOCDAT. We never stand still.
Proper Focus
Our focus always remains on our clients and meeting their needs. The client comes first, always.
We treat our partners, parallel vendors, contractors and affiliates with respect in order to foster a winning network of persons best able to create value for our clients.
Working Smart
We react to clients with a sense of urgency. We are constructive in delivering our views and willingly change course when needed. We deliver service with efficiency and flexibility.
Thinking Green
We aim to protect the environment by ensuring that our operations do not harm our surroundings or our quality of life.

Why SOCAR is different
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